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Christian Novel Studies is a family-run home business that publishes three types of educational materials:

  • Literature guides from a Christian perspective in two formats:                                                 
    mini-guides (letter format -- hole punched and ready to put in a 3-ring binder), study guides (booklet format and letter format)
  • Basic Booklets (now called Concise Concepts) -- concise information on a specific topic:  i.e., Books for BoysMore Books for Boys , Great Reading for Girls, More Great Reading for GirlsTips for Learning World Languages at Home, Pastimes in Pictures Books, Celebrate Christmas! + more
  • America:  An Integrated Curriculum -- a complete two-year program (except for math)

One of Christian Novel Studies’ main goals is to provide affordable literature- based materials for homeschooling families and schools.  Prices for materials published by CNS have never been raised since the company began publishing in 1996.

Mini-guides, study guides, and Concise Concepts are now available as digital downloads from the Christian Novel Studies' Store on TeachersPayTeachers.  

The study guide for Little Pilgrim's Progress, by Helen L. Taylor, has been one of CNS's most popular guides.  It is now available in two formats:  as a study guide in booklet format and in letter format (there is no difference in price or in content). 

A beautiful new edition of this book is now available. Click on the link for a picture and details:  New Edition  
For price information for ordering this new edition from CNS, click on the link:  Mini-Guides for Juniors


  • 25% off of all new books!  E-mail Chris Roe at cnsroe@gmail.com to check for availability.
  • When you purchase any new book at full price (e-mail Chris Roe at cnsroe@gmail.com to check for availability), choose one of the following free options: 1) get one free damaged CNS item, 2) get two free used paperback books, 3) get one free used hardcover book. Check the following page for details and a list of damaged items/used books: Damaged CNS Materials and Used Books.  Buy 1 new and get 2 (paperback) or 1 (hardcover) used free -- or buy 10 new and get 20 (paperback) or 10 (hardcover) used  free -- the offer is unlimited!
  • FREE Pledge of Allegiance Poster (it includes the meaning of the pledge) with any purchase -- click on the link for a picture/details: FREE POSTER
  • 50% discount on TRAILBLAZER books!  See the Super Bargains page for details.  Get a free TRAILBLAZER book with the purchase of a 5-volume book:  Free Attack in the Rye Grass Offer  
  • Used copies (in good/like new condition) of some of the original Patricia St. John books (i.e., Treasures of the Snow) are now available.
  • All sections of the first 11-week study of America: An Integrated Curriculum are available as digital downloads on the TeachersPayTeachers website: Land of the Pilgrims' Pride.  Try the first two weeks of the curriculum for only $1.50 -- and then you only pay $2.00 each for 2-3 week sections of the remaining weeks of the 11-week study! In this introductory offer, the Appendix is FREE and the Answer Key is also only $.50!  The total cost for the first study is $10.00 -- a 50% discount.  The second and third 11-week studies are also available on TpT:  From Every Mountainside and Let Freedom Ring.   Year 2 of America is now available on TpT:  May God Thy Gold Refine, 'Til All Success Be Nobleness, And Every Gain Divine     
If you've never used a guide from CNS, an inexpensive way to try one or more is to choose from the Damaged Materials and Used Books page; CNS materials on this page are discounted from 50% to 75%. 

Also, don't miss the 50 to 75% discounts on new books on the
Super Bargains

We love to share the titles/descriptions of great books and pass on directions for interesting activities.  The
Book Treasures page includes titles of some of our favorite books and resources; the Hands-On page contains descriptions of fun activities.   

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